Top 3 Indoor Allergy Triggers For Children and Helpful Tips






Anything can trigger allergy symptoms among children. Did you know that genetics can often be the culprit when a child suffers from an allergy trigger; it’s even more common if both parents have allergy issues.

Of course, the logistics of allergies for children are most certainly perplexed. What triggers an allergy symptom with one child can be the complete opposite of another, even with siblings.

According to reviews and studies, what are the top 3 indoor allergy triggers for children?

Pets – Animals can certainly affect a child’s allergy health; even without a parent’s knowledge. A pet’s hair dander can affect anyone; not just children. However, there are things that can be done to benefit your children considerably.

1. Make for sure your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter.
2. Vacuum your carpets and bare floors frequently; in addition, make sure to vacuum all drapes. Pet dander can accumulate easily, so cleaning drapes is suggested at least twice per week.
3. Cleaning after animals can be challenging; especially cats . Brushing them twice daily will help with the dander considerably.
4. Bathing pets weekly is suggested.
5. Medication and shots can be prescribed for cat allergy issues.

Dust – When a house is dusty, of course, it will affect children as well as anyone else. There are many things that can be done to keep dust at bay.

1. Do duct work cleaning once every year. This may sound like too much; however, it is best for health issues if done yearly.
2. Use a swifter duster daily on wood and ceramic floors to keep dust bunnies away.
3. Launder your bedding weekly
4. Change filters in air conditioners and furnaces monthly.
5. Refrain from using a feather duster; this just distributes the dust around instead of eliminating it. It’s best to always use the swifter products.

Detergents – Laundry detergent allergies can be a trial and error situation with kids; especially the young ones. For allergy-prone children, it’s best to use mild, gentle detergent and softeners.

1. Aloe products have been used by many due to allergy and other skin issues.
2. Surcare laundry products are also good for sensitive skin and allergy-prone children; or for anyone for that matter.
3. Soap Nuts is a new product for me. I personally have never heard of it. While doing research for this article, I accidentally discovered it. It seems to be a good choice when it comes to detergent allergies, skin eczema or other issues.
4. Charlie’s Soap, Rockin’ Green and Arm and Hammer are all good detergent alternatives to try.
5. Dreft has been recommended for babies and small children by so many in the past. However, I just read quite a number of bad things about Dreft…to (my surprise)! I used Dreft for my son and he never had a problem, so I thought it was a good detergent. Apparently, it’s gotten some bad reviews from several people.