4th of July Cookout

Another year older! Our country that is. We had a wonderful 4th of July. Babiestotoddler.com friends and family celebrated with us with a big cookout and our grand kids had a ball. We have a nice big back yard with a big swing set and lots of toddler size furniture and a fire pit. We had a new swimming area for the kids this year. It is called the Cannonball Splash and the kids loved it. The cannonball splash is like a slip and slide but has a pool attached to it. It was a lot of fun watching the kids slide and splash. Even my little 3 month old grandson had his little swimming trunks on and was splashing with his feet. The day ended with wonderful fire works and making smors over the fire pit. The kids were pooped out and so was Grammy. The evening ended with a sleep over with the kids in a big tent in out back yard. Pappy was in charge all night and all the kids slept all night through in the tent without running in the house. It was great and babiestotoddler.com will do it all again next year. We are all about babies and toddlers around here so visit me at babiestotoddlerblog.com and we can talk some baby talk. lol!