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Fashionable Fall Colors

falltreesThis is Grandma’s favorite season…she loves fall!! 🙂



It really doesn’t matter if you plan to take a trip to look for possible inspiration for designs for your home improvement projects or you think about using ideas from a magazine. Designers all around the world often use classic ideas for inspiration in their future vision, so that may work for you to do the same if you feel stumped for ideas. Designs and colors may come from a number of sources, but in the end the color palette has been the same more or less for hundreds of years. This season we will have a good chance of seeing some classic colors making an appearance in the fashion world and beyond, following the imagination and ingenuity of designers from across the world. The fall season calls for some very interesting solutions, such as the following up ahead:

* Sangria is a great, deep and rich red color with a sense of exotic excitement and adventure, the allure of faraway locations, which works wonders with the color known as Aurora Red. Both of them combined will breathe new life into any boring old home, giving it a vibrant new start.

* With many more fashionable colors you can use this fall, you are sure to find ones that will inspire with their mere presence, bringing amazing new looks for any room in your home. A good example of that may be the color called Radiant Orchid, which has excellent adaptability for most purposes and the one called Mauve Mist, which has a great and elegant shade of purple with a lovely romantic subtlety. You can pair those two with the stronger Cypress, which in term will help with the relationship between both of them in a more effective way.



* Another solution you can find for the fall season is to use the faint, but pretty impressive Bright Cobalt shade, which will give your rooms a very calming, but unique effect. A good color that happens to be pretty close to this one is Royal Blue, which offers great versatility, but it also has a calming and classic look and feel. You can combine those with Cypress, Sangria, Mauve Mist or even Aluminum if you feel you need to create a more complex, yet futuristic look for your home or office environment.

Fashionable Fall Colors3

* Much in the same way as Sangria, Cognac has a warm shade which reminds us of rich environments and the fall season in general. This is a perfect color for decorations and evening wear during that time of the year, especially when it’s coupled with Misted Yellow for that extra special touch of autumn you need to make the experience perfect. Whether you combine them as prints or other ways is up to you, but in the end they will work well in this combination no matter what purpose you want them to serve.

Bio: – Ella is blogger and passionate writer with great passion for home interior and maintenance themes. She likes to follow the latest trends in home décor as well as in the fashion world. Obtain more tips for your personal household at: end of tenancy cleaning Battersea

How to Make Homemade Apple Cider

applesBy The Menu Mom



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Want a true drink that reminds you of fall? How about learning how to make homemade apple cider? The clean crisp taste of apples can be bottled and you can do it easily at home. Apple cider is a refreshing drink that is mostly drunk in the fall of the year.

There are several different types of cider that you can have a taste of:

Unpasteurized – Sold at apple orchards and roadside stands fresh from the press
Hard cider – This apple cider is allowed to ferment. Yeast is added to finish the process
Hot cider – Boiled apple cider that has spices added to it for a better taste. Boiling makes it pasteurized
Sparkling cider – Apple cider and carbonated water

Making Cider

Here are a few tips when making your own cider. The equipment you need is probably already around your home. Gather a sharp knife, cheesecloth, a large bowl, a blender and at least four dozen apples.

Choose your apples – Which apples you choose will depend on the taste that you want. For a sweeter taste to your cider try Red Delicious, Jonagold and Fuji apples. Combining tarter apples like Granny Smith and McIntosh along with Golden Delicious will deepen your flavors. Choose apples that are ripe without blemish, soft spots or any other damage. My personal favorite is Honeycrisp.

Use them right away – If you have an apple tree, pick the apples when you are ready to make the cider. Also, visit your local farmer’s market for fresh picked specimens of the varieties you like.

Prepare your apples – Wash them well. Use a corer tool to remove the center of the apple and making slicing easier. Cut the apple into slices.

Blend them – Place the apple slices, with skin, into the blender. Chop up until the pieces are small but bigger than the openings in the cheesecloth. If you grind it up too fine then you will end up with sediment in the bottom of your cider.

Strain your apples – After you have blended all of your apples, place a piece of cheesecloth across a large bowl. Strain your apple mixture. If you have one, use a cider press, but it is not required. You may need to squeeze a bit more to get all of the juice out of the pieces. Pour into jugs.

Pasteurize your cider – You can drink your cider as is. To slow the fermentation process you can put your bottled cider in the refrigerator. Even better is pasteurizing it. Boil the cider to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool and refrigerate.


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Put On My Walking Shoes

heartvalentineWalking or any type of workout is great for the heart! 🙂 Grandma decided to get with it again.

Also good for your whole body, mind, mood, and pretty much good for everything! =)

Not sure why these pics ended up so small! lol 😮

I had a walking partner with me yesterday!


My walking partner in the corn feild


My son’s driveway…long, long! 🙂


Me when I got back from walking…it wasn’t too bad. I think the temperature helped a lot, it wasn’t hot at all! 🙂


How To Remove Chocolate Stains From Upholstery

87085546For Grandmothers too! 🙂

The removal of chocolate stains from upholstery can be challenging. It is not nice to have a cushion cover or some furniture smeared with chocolate. There are tips available in order to remove chocolate from upholstery.

The importance of clean upholstery in home cleaning

Removing chocolate from upholstery is a difficult part of upholstery cleaning. Usually, it can take some time before the chocolate is removed. However, it is vital in home cleaning to have as clean a home as possible. Whatever the reason the chocolate fell onto the upholstery in the first place, it does need to be removed immediately as chocolate is harder to remove once it dries.


Removing chocolate stains from upholstery

There are a number of different ways to remove chocolate stains from upholstery.
As a vital element in home cleaning, it is important to remove the chocolate in the right way.

Removing the chocolate stain using washing up liquid and water

In the first instance, take a spoon and try to dislodge the chocolate from the upholstery. Find a bowl and pour into the bowl two cups of water along with one tablespoon of washing up liquid. Using a spoon, mix the solution together. Using a cloth slightly wet it with the mixture. Slowly, begin to clear the chocolate stain with the cloth, starting outwards before moving towards the middle of the chocolate stain. Take a slightly wet cloth to rinse the part of the upholstery which contains the chocolate stain. To finish, take a cloth or a sponge to dry the upholstery.

Removing the chocolate stain using cornmeal

Another tip to removing a chocolate stain from upholstery is to use some cornmeal. It may seem odd, but it has proved effective. Shake some cornmeal over the upholstery section where the chocolate stain is showing. Leave the upholstery for a while and let the cornmeal sink into the upholstery. After that, sweep the cornmeal away from the upholstery using a cloth or some kitchen paper.

Removing the chocolate stain using ammonia and detergent

Another way of removing the chocolate stain is to use ammonia and detergent. Take a spoon and try to remove some of the chocolate. It is best to make a solution consisting of one teaspoon of detergent mixed in with water. A small cup of the mixture will do. It is best to use a detergent which doesn’t include either alkali or bleach. Using the solution, place it on the upholstery with a sponge or a cloth. The next step is to place one tablespoon of ammonia mixed with water in a small cup. After that, use a cloth with the mixture of ammonia and water on it and blot or wipe the upholstery with the cloth.

Removing the chocolate
using carpet cleaner

For this particular tip, it is best to wait for the chocolate to go hard on the upholstery before trying to remove some of it with a spoon. Using the carpet cleaner, spray it on the part of the upholstery where the chocolate stain resides, before leaving the upholstery for ten to fifteen minutes. Taking a tiny brush, softly apply it to the chocolate stain for about five minutes. Using a damp sponge, wipe away the chocolate stain.

Removing the chocolate stain using an upholstery stain cleaner

In the event that the stain persists, an upholstery stain cleaner can be purchased. There is nothing wrong in admitting defeat and getting an upholstery stain cleaner to help remove the stain. The upholstery stain cleaner should be able to remove the stain.

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