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Weight Loss Update – Good News and Not So Good News

Yeah….Finally lost 30 pounds!! I’m feeling so much better too. 🙂 My last doctor’s appointment, I was taken off my blood pressure meds. I sure didn’t think I’d ever stop taking those…1 LESS pill I have to take daily.    Read My Original Nutrisystem Post and Review Here The Weight Loss Has Seemed So VERY Slow […]

Find Ways to Contribute, Even in Retirement

One of the first challenges newly retired individuals face is the struggle with a diminished sense of self-worth. The end of a person’s professional career also brings an end to decades of work and personal investment. Between the lack of a structured schedule, the reduced responsibilities and the abrupt halt of your career, adjusting to […]

Staying Fit with Your Grandkids

Recently I read a study that said that kids who are around their grandparents a lot tend to be overweight! Why that is true is easy to understand. Grandparents typically give their grandkids snacks and treats parents would avoid and also are less active around their grandchildren. However you can change this alarming trend by […]

Grandma Was In The Fields

It was just a typical Saturday, I took the guys (my hubby and my son) some lunch; as they were in the fields harvesting wheat. My son was doing the actual cutting/combining and hubby was hauling to the mill. 🙂 Poor guys, when they are in harvest, they work 12+ hours a day (except for […]

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