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The Contents of the Checklist for the Forthcoming Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

People who are getting ready for the most important cleaning project in the year, spring cleaning, are not only happy that the weather is becoming warmer and friendlier, the trees are bursting out in green foliage, and the birds are chirping to welcome the balmy season. They are also getting ready for the spring cleaning, and they are at a loss where to start, in what order to approach the cleaning activities, and where to shop for cleaners. However, the most important thing is that good mood and spring cleaning go hand by hand because the regeneration spring energies flow to the blood with positive vibes.

Preparing a checklist for the forthcoming spring cleaning and decluttering can relieve all the above-mentioned difficulties. Planning always introduces order into activities, and a checklist is the result of planning. Making up a spring cleaning checklist will ensure that all the activities that need to be done will be really implemented, no important cleaning stage will be skipped for lack of time or lack of attention.

The checklist for the spring cleaning should be drawn up by room. That will ensure that no corner or nook is forgotten during that “mission impossible.” The tools and supplies which are needed for the cleaning of the different surfaces should also be included in the checklist. The greatest attention should be devoted to the seasonal chores that are typically carried out during that season, so these chores should be in the beginning of the checklist. The corners and surfaces that have recently been cleaned should be left out of the checklist, and that stage of planning can leave substantial time for other areas of the home where the efforts should be made.

Typically a spring cleaning checklist should include the following: the first area to be cleaned is the kitchen. The kitchen is the area where the most frequent cleaning takes place, and because it is a room where the food is stored and prepared, it should be the first room to enjoy the benefits of thorough spring cleaning. The pantries, drawers, cabinets should be emptied and cleaned carefully. Now is the perfect time to pitch all the useless appliances, utensils or expired food.

The bathroom is another place where the cleaning efforts should be devoted in the beginning of the cleaning. The accumulation of limescale is difficult to cope with, especially in areas where the water is especially hard, but the result of the efforts – a sparkling clean bathroom, is worth the hard work. Do not miss to organize the laundry room – you can buy a new basket for the dirty clothes that fit better the interior or just arrange the detergents and take care of the washing machine and dryer.

Spring is a great time for a new beginning. So why don’t you arrange a cozy, trendy drop zone in the hall? Think of a colourful, functional solution that will change the look of the house.

The next rooms to be cleaned as part of the spring renovation of the home are the living areas. The living room is the third biggest culprit for the accumulation of dust and dirt in the home as it is there that people spend a lot of time, communicating with the other family members, watching TV, reading magazines, etc. If you have an office area, pay special attention to it; as it’s the ideal time to put an end to the chaos and to organize your desk. Why don’t you add another drop zone for all the papers and fresh flowers that will inspire you.

The bedroom is the next item on the spring cleaning checklist, and although the efforts on cleaning will be typically smaller, it should find its right place on the list. That is mainly because typically the closets are located there. Spring is an ideal time to do away with all the unnecessary clothes, books and all the rest you have stored. You can organize a small backyard sale or surprise your friend with little presents. In the kid’s room pay also attention to all the toys- you can throw some of them away or donate them to kids in need.

The cellar and the garage are the next, most often the last, items to be included in the spring cleaning checklist. Not only cleaning these rooms, but also getting rid of clutter and organizing the contents there, should be planned by including these areas in the spring cleaning activities.

The plan is ready, so it is time for action. Try to enjoy that process and to engage the whole family in it – that way you will have fun and soon enough will enjoy a brand new clutter-free and fresh house.

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