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Creating a memory quilt for your family would be something that would both be fun and rewarding. It would be fun trying to come up with all kinds of ideas that could go into such a thoughtful project. It would also be personally rewarding just from completing the project and to also see the look on your family’s faces when they see it done.

So, what needs to be done before you attempt to tackle a memory quilt? Have a look at the following steps, tips, and suggestions as to what to include in your project and also how to go about completing it.

1. The very first step to creating such a quilt is to save all the memorabilia that is needed for it. Many people sell their used baby clothing items at yard or garage sales. Some pass them onto relatives or friends. But if you decide to create a memory quilt, you will want to hold onto all the favorites. A short list could include…

Sports Uniforms
Cheerleading Outfits
Favorite Shirts
Favorite Jeans
Prom Dresses
Old Favorite Blankets
Baby Clothing Items
Baby Blankets

2. Do you have the appropriate machine for sewing the quilt top, and actually quilting it? A lot of thought needs to go into choosing a machine that will do the job. Some people that do a lot of quilting have separate machines for sewing the top and quilting. And some have one that does both.

3. Do you have a quilting pattern in mind? By a quilting pattern, I mean the design you sew into the quilt after the quilt top is completed and you’re ready to sew it together with a pattern. Your mother, grandmother, or other relatives may have patterns, or you can get lots of free patterns online or at a fabric retail shop.

4. You can choose to create and sew the quilt top, and then hire someone to quilt it for you. This would be an option for people that don’t like to quilt or don’t have the time.

5. Decide on some material that you will use for the back of your quilt. This could be a neutral color like, white or off white…or any material that would compliment the other colors in the quilt.

Some General Ideas For Memory Quilts


Pictures your children have made for you, transfer parts of those pics onto quilt blocks

Embroider your family’s names onto quilt blocks

Baby footprints and handprints

Birthday dates

Wedding dates

You could also work some buttons off of clothing items into the quilt, as well as favorite ribbons.

Another idea would be fabric painting. You could have each family member decorate and paint blocks or squares.

These are just a few ideas. There are numerous ideas you can come up with when making a family memory quilt. I plan on making one myself after my son and daughter-in-law are done with having children. 🙂

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