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Clearaning New Year's






When you start thinking about your new year’s resolutions for the upcoming year, why not consider adding some cleaning resolutions to your list. Here are some ideas:

Clean more regularly:

Few people enjoy cleaning and most people put it off as long as possible, this is the worst thing you can do. The longer you leave stains and built on dirt to remove, the harder it will be remove completely, it will take much longer and you may even need to buy specialised cleaning and stain removal products to completely get rid of the marks. Make a resolution to clean both daily and weekly. Daily, you should de-clutter, vacuum the floors, wipe surfaces, clean the kitchen and toilet and sinks. Weekly, you should give the house more of a deep clean, doing things like changing all bed linen etc. Once the house is clean you will find it won’t take as long to keep on top of the housework and then it won’t be as much of a daunting task.

Make a cleaning schedule:

Think about and plan out when you are going to do the cleaning and what it is you intend to clean. It is easy to forget to clean something, or to not be able to remember when you last cleaned it, making a schedule helps you to remember all the things you need to do. Furthermore it takes some of the pressure off cleaning, without a schedule you instead have a list in your head of what you need to do and this acts as a constant reminder, leaving you unsure as to what to do first and a little bit overwhelmed at how much there is to do.

Clean more things in your home:

Most of us do the daily chores, such as cleaning the surfaces and vacuuming the floors but how many people regularly clean the oven or pull out the furniture to clean behind it. You might clean your toilet often, but do you clean the bathtub and the sink often enough? Make a resolution to clean the things that really need doing often but you rarely do more than once a year.

De-clutter more:

De-clutter daily, get rid of anything you don’t want or never use. Clutter makes the home look messy. Go through your home room by room and put all of your things into one of four boxes:

Keep and find a home
Sell or give to charity
Dispose of

Once you have de-cluttered the entire home, it will be much easier to keep it clutter free.

Save money and shop around for deals and bargains on cleaning products:

Instead of always buying the same products from the same shops, look around for bargains and special offers various supermarkets offer. Store vouchers and discount codes to use to get money off cleaning products. Contact the manufacturers of the cleaning products for a free sample to try before you buy. If you buy a multipurpose cleaner that does everything you need it to don’t waste your money also buying specialised products for the same job.

Make your own cleaning products:

Rather than purchasing all of your cleaning products, why not make them out of things that you will likely have around the home anyway. Things like lemon and baking soda make excellent cleaning products, even newspaper can be used to wipe glass dry and leave a smear free finish.

Get everyone in the household involved in cleaning:

The cleaning duties shouldn’t just fall onto one person in the house, make everyone help and split the cleaning duties fairly. Decide together on a family treat that you can do, such as eat out at a restaurant or go to the cinema when everyone has been helpful in cleaning, for every day cleaning chores set in place a reward system, a star for everything they do to help and a sweets or treats after every 10 stars.

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