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Cold winter weather tends to keep people cooped up indoors more often than usual, and as winter drags on, it’s common for clutter to accumulate around the house. That’s one reason why spring has become the season known for intense cleaning and home revitalization.

Most homes can stand to endure an annual cleaning binge, and if you’re keen to the idea, consider these four ways you can put winter behind you and invigorate your home as temperatures finally warm up:

Retire the Christmas decorations to storage

After the holiday season, it’s hard to find the motivation to put away the grandkids’ stockings, the colored lights and all of your favorite decorations. Maybe that explains why we all know someone who’s let Christmas decorations linger well into January – or longer. But it’s a challenge to start deep-cleaning when last year’s decorations are still hanging around.

If you opted for a real tree last year, get that dried-out fire hazard out of your house! Your area trash-pick up service may offer options for recycling, or you can chop up your old tree and add it to your compost pile. Owners of artificial Christmas trees may have an easier time of post-holiday clean-up: just store it in a cool, dry place.

Carefully pack ornaments, wrapping delicate ones. (Tip: Save discarded gift wrap and use it to protect ornaments).


Clean out your storage spaces

Now that you’ve put away the holiday doodads, it’s time to start deep-cleaning. Your basement, attic and garage can – over time – become home to all sorts of odds and ends. You can clear up a lot of space in your home by going through these spaces and getting rid of the things you no longer need. Whether you donate them, throw them away or set them aside for an upcoming garage sale, you should be able to unload a lot of unnecessary baggage. You can also use this time to better organize your storage and make it easier to navigate.

Use what you have

If you’re like most grandparents, you’ve got a parade of relatives coming in and out of your home – kids, grandkids, in-laws – so it can be hard to find time to clean. But who said you can’t put some of those people to work?

Adults know that cleaning products can be toxic – and no one wants to expose children to dangerous chemicals. But you can make many cleaners yourself with common household items like vinegar. Whip-up some homemade cleaning solutions and assign a few simple tasks to your grandchildren, while you tackle the more sophisticated projects. Granted, they may not stay interested in cleaning for long, but this is one way to get them off the couch so you can vacuum it!

Clean the furniture

When thoroughly cleaning, most people instinctively wipe-off tables, counters and other hard surfaces. But dirt and dust can accumulate in your sofa, recliners and mattress, too. You can remove a lot of that debris by vacuuming, using your upholstery attachment.
If you have furniture with machine-washable covers, now is a good time to wash them. Some people instead choose to steam-clean furniture using just hot water and mild detergent.

Getting your home clean and organized doesn’t have to be a big chore – especially when you have a little help and stick to that to-do list.

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Lindsey is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She writes on behalf of Tree Classics. She’s currently working on her master’s degree, and in her spare time, she enjoys playing softball.

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