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White and Purple Christmas Tree







We’ve always had the traditional green Christmas tree. However, 2 years ago, it was a bit different. 😉

I’ll tell you why it was different…

A couple of years ago, while decorating my tree, my Daughter-In-Law was there and I just made a quick remark while placing a purple ornament on the tree.

I said, “Oh wouldn’t it be pretty to decorate a white tree with clear lights and all light and dark purple ornaments?”

And she replied, “Oooh yeah, that would be awesome!” 🙂

Well, now can you guess what my kids got me for Christmas that year? LOL

Yes, a white Christmas tree! It was a complete shock and surprise to me! lol I sure didn’t think anything of the comment I made. It didn’t even enter my mind.

So, we had a white and purple Christmas tree that year. I loved it of course! I collected purple ornaments throughout the year a little at a time.

Photos below…





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