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The Easy, Foolproof Way to Make Omelets – Monthly Food Column

By Dennis Weaver at The Prepared Pantry.






We set off to make the best and easiest omelet. We bought ten dozen eggs, scoured the text books for methods. At the end, we were making five minute omelets a little unorthodox but very good and nearly foolproof.




That was three years ago. Since then, we’ve made hundreds of omelets. The method hasn’t changed—with one minor exception. When it’s time to let the eggs set and cook through, I place the plate over the top of the pan to capture the heat. The eggs cook more quickly with less of a crusty bottom. As a bonus, I have a hot plate on which to serve the omelet. I only leave the plate on for a couple minutes, until it’s time to stack on the filling.

Watch the imbedded video and study the easy steps. The video doesn’t show putting the plate over the pan but it is an easy step to insert.

How to Make a Five-Minute Omelet

Choose the right size of pan. A three-egg omelet requires an eight-inch pan. The pan should be nonstick.

Put a pat of butter in your nonstick pan. Place it on medium-high heat. On our stovetop, a high BTU gas burner, that’s 6 out of ten.

Heat the butter to just short of brown and swirl it around the pan.

Pour the eggs into the hot pan. Salt and pepper the eggs.

Scramble the eggs with a soft silicone spatula scraping the bottom and sides of the pan. The eggs will cook quickly and curds will form.

When the eggs approach the consistency of cottage cheese with mostly solids but some liquid eggs, stop stirring. Use the spatula as a paddle to pat the eggs down into an even layer. Place a plate on the pan, right side up, to capture the heat and cook the top of the eggs more quickly. Let the eggs continue cooking until the liquids are set and the top of the omelet is cooked. Remove the plate.

Place the fillings across half of the omelet. If you are right-handed, put them on the left side of the omelet. For most fillings, you will want them pre-cooked. Let the heat from the pan heat the fillings for a minute.

The omelet should slip around in the pan without a hint of sticking. Move the pan to a plate, tip the pan on an angle over the plate, and gently shake the omelet onto the plate filling side first.

When the omelet is about half onto the plate, twist the pan with your wrist folding the remaining omelet over that on the plate. The omelet should be folded over with the bottom edge protruding about one-half inch.

Your omelet should be golden brown and puffy with the interior set and any cheese melted. For larger omelets, use larger pans.

There you go. With just a little practice, you’ll be an omelet pro

What You’ll Need

Unless you’re going to make larger omelets, you’ll need an eight-inch skillet which is the perfect size for a three-egg omelet. It needs to have a good nonstick surface so that it will slide out of the pan easily.

You’ll also need a good silicone spatula to stir the eggs as they begin to cook and to slide under the omelet and loosen it if it starts to stick.

About The Author

Dennis Weaver and his wife, Merri Ann, are the founders of The Prepared Pantry. Dennis is a baker and a writer. Dennis is the author of “How to Bake: The Art and Science of Baking.” He is a food columnist and has written articles for websites, newspapers, and magazines. You can follow Dennis and get his articles and recipes by subscribing to The Prepared Pantry’s newsletters

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Easy Tips for Making a High School Pride Quilt

By: Danielle

If a teenager you know is graduating from high school this year and you want to offer a going-away gift that’s both practical and sentimental, a “high school pride” quilt is the perfect choice. It’s a unique way to preserve some of the most memorable moments from high school.

As the saying goes, “Well begun is half done,” and that’s especially true when assembling a quilt. Follow these tips to ensure the project goes smoothly and is completed in time for graduation:

· Make sure your sewing machine has been serviced and is in good working order.
· Find scissors, extra bobbins and sewing machine accessories before starting. Nothing is more frustrating than getting halfway through a project and finding out you don’t have all the necessary supplies.
· Choose a neutral-colored thread that works with all your pieces so you don’t have to constantly change bobbins.
· Finish one task at a time; cut all pieces first, stitch pieces into blocks, join the blocks together, etc. Jumping from task to task wastes time.

A Quilt for Any Student

It doesn’t matter if your student was the most outgoing athlete or an introverted artist – it’s easy to find mementos to create a high school spirit quilt if you think outside the box. Photos, newspaper clippings, drawings, copies of schoolwork, playbills, scripts, sheet music and copies of pages from the yearbook can all be transferred onto fabric to make a quilt block.

Athletic jerseys, T-shirts from clubs and special events or band uniforms can be cut into blocks. If the grad doesn’t want to give up old uniforms, recreate them with solid fabric and fabric paints. Make a photocopy of a jersey for a pattern and transfer it to fabric using transfer paper. Use school colors for the background, joining pieces and backing.

Visit the high school spirit shop to see what might work for a quilt. You can attach pennants, patches and other booster items onto squares for extra embellishment. Use only washable items for applique if you want the quilt to be functional.

Don’t forget the school mascot. Make a block representing the mascot and position it in the middle of the quilt. If the grad is full of school spirit, make the mascot’s block the biggest and the focus of the quilt.

There’s more than one way to approach a high school pride quilt, and the project can be adapted for any skill level. Beginners can use simple one-square blocks and more advanced quilters can make intricate masterpieces. Give your graduate a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Danielle, who blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands, enjoys sewing and making quilts for her friends and family. Read her work at

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Crocheted Star

By: Darlene Demell

Crochet Hook: 9 or 1.4 mm hook (steel)

Yarn Weight: (0) Lace (33-40 stitches to 4 inches). Includes crochet thread.

Star measures 2½” across.

AUNT LYDIA’S® “Classic Crochet Thread”, Size 10: 1 Ball each 422 Golden Yellow, 494 Victory Red, and 484
Myrtle Green OR J&P COATS® Royale™ “Classic Crochet Thread”, Size 10: 1 Ball each 422 Golden Yellow, 494 Victory Red, and 484 Myrtle Green.
Steel Crochet Hook: 1.4mm [US 8].
Tapestry needle, buttons, hanging hook.

ABBREVIATIONS: ch = chain; dec = decrease; inc = increase; mm = millimeters; rnd = round; sc = single crochet; st(s) = stitch(es); yo = yarn over; * = repeat whatever follows the * as indicated; [ ] = work directions in brackets the number of times specified.

STAR (Make 2 of each color): Ch 2.

Rnd 1: 5 Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Do not join rounds.
Place a contrasting color thread between first and last sts to note the beginning and end of the rnd and move up each rnd.
Rnd 2: 2 Sc in each sc around – 10 sc.
Rnd 3: * 2 Sc in next sc – inc made; sc in next sc; repeat from * around – 15 sc.
Rnd 4: [Inc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc] 5 times – 20 sc.
Rnd 5: [Inc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc] 5 times – 25 sc.
Rnd 6: [Inc in next sc, sc in next 4 sc] 5 times – 30 sc.
Rnd 7: [Inc in next sc, sc in next 5 sc] 5 times; slip st in next sc – 35 sc. Remove contrast thread.

First Point-
Row 1: Ch 1, sc in next 8 sc; TURN.
Rows 2 and 3: Ch 1, sc in each sc across; turn.
Row 4: Ch 1; draw up a loop in each of first 2 sc, yo and draw through all 3 loops on hook – dec made; sc in each sc across; turn – 7 sts.
Rows 5-9: Ch 1, dec, sc in each sc across; turn – 2 sts at end of Row 9.
Row 10: Ch 1, dec – 1 st. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

2nd Point-
Row 1: With right side facing, attach thread in same sc where the last sc of Row 1 of previous point was made; ch 1, sc in same place, sc in next 7 sc; turn – 8 sc.
Rows 2-10: Repeat Rows 2-10 of First Point.
3rd and 4th Points: Work same as 2nd Point.
5th Point-Row 1: With right side facing, attach thread in same sc where the last sc of Row 1 of previous point was made; ch 1, sc in same place, sc in next 6 sc, sc in same sc as first sc of Row 1 of First Point; turn – 8 sc.
Rows 2-10: Repeat Rows 2-10 of First Point.

With wrong sides together and tapestry needle, sew 2 matching stars together on 4 points; turn right side out; stuff lightly; sew last point closed. Sew a button on each side of ornament. Insert hook and hang.

Read more Here.

The New Fad: Knitted Scarves

By: Darlene Demell

Tammy, remember a while back I mentioned I was working on knitted scarves that are the “in” thing around here now? Well I have a lot made already and am still working on more. I have new colors now and will be getting other colors soon.

Here are two photos of some I have done.

Knitted Scarves 1

Knitted Scarves 2

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Hello there 🙂

This post has been a long time coming. This past year sure has been a busy one! Been a little too busy for me. My time has been split in way too many directions. I’ll be making some important decisions between now and January!

What’s Been On My Plate?


* This Blog – My Pride and Joy, It’s a Keeper! 🙂 A PRIORITY


* My First WAH Website, It’s Been My Baby Since 2005 – Not Sure???

* My Other Dust Collecting WAH Website, It’s Going! 🙂

* My Craft Blog, It’s Going! 🙁 Not Enough Time!

* Content Writing For Sites and Blogs – I Have to Keep This Going to Keep my Head Above Water! 😉 A PRIORITY


* Writing For Clients – This Is Definitely Something I Want To Keep Doing and, Even More Of It In 2013! 🙂
* Hubby – Definitely a Keeper! LOL… AND Need To Give Him More Of My Time!

* Laundry – No Comment!

* Cleaning – No Comment!

* Finances – No Comment!

* Me Time – Definitely a Lot More Of This in 2013!! A PRIORITY lol


* New Website (In The Thinking Stage) – Yes, I’m dwelling on another website. IF I decide to go ahead with it, this one will be for My Freelance and Ghostwriting Services, and Writing Opportunities in General. (Maybe) A PRIORITY


* Being A Grandmother – THIS ONE’S A KEEPER FOR SURE!!!! I have awesome news…however, I can’t broadcast this yet!! LOL


Our vacation in December will definitely put some needed perspective on everything


A Note About My Craft Blog – The blog itself is going soon. However, I will keep most of the content that’s on it by transferring it on This Blog.


So we’ll see what’s ahead for the coming year?? A lot could happen between now and then! lol


However, stay tuned Here for sure for new stuff I have planned for 2013.


Giveaways :: Reviews :: Crafts :: Grandparenting Tips :: Parenting Tips :: Recipes :: and much more!


Have an awesome day! 😉

A Combination of a Healthy Mindset And Beauty Product Tips For Anti-Aging Grandmothers And All Women



“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Mark Twain


Anti-aging is all about feeling the best you can at every moment. To really capture youth, you need to do more than focus on aesthetics. You need to develop a healthy mindset that will keep you young at heart for years to come. However, it’s hard to argue that feeling confident in the way you look won’t help you accomplish a more youthful attitude. That’s where anti-aging strategies come into action and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Facial creams

Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon scoured the world for the fountain of youth, believing if he could only drink of the majestic waters his youthful vigor would be restored to him. This day and age, facial creams are about as close as one can get to a fountain of youth. Coming up with a top 10 list of the best anti-aging creams is difficult to do, despite the many attempts at just that by so many magazines.

Anti-aging is a personal affair. Your skin color, texture and other personal attributes are going to have a big impact on how a particular cream works for you. The best anti-aging cream for you is going to depend on your skin type. People with oily skin should look for creams with oil-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Dry skin will be best served by creams with shea butter or hyaluronic acid.

Anti-aging facial creams are made with some pretty exotic ingredients. Don’t be fooled when you read about dragon’s blood — you aren’t actually rubbing the blood of a mystical creature on your face. Dragon’s blood is the name of an exotic plant with a bright red hue and restorative properties that make it popular in anti-aging creams. Facial creams are non-invasive and can offer pretty significant results when used repeatedly overtime. However, the cost of facial creams can add up, especially if you’re going for quality creams, which is where you’ll find the biggest anti-aging benefit. It can make a lot more sense from an investment perspective to opt for a more substantial anti-aging treatment.

Aesthetic enhancement

Gravity tends to take its toll as you age. Sometimes it feels like from one day to the next another patch of skin starts to droop. Between frown lines and laughter marks, it seems like you can’t win no matter what your emotional state is like. Aging is a beautiful process — there’s no denying that. However, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and feel comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes wrinkles and sagging skin can get in the way of how you want to present yourself.

Two of the most popular aesthetic enhancements are:

* Botox: Anti-aging specialists can now use Botox to give a “mini facelift,” in addition to adding plumpness to lips and smoothing out the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

* Necklift: Another alternative to the traditional surgical facelift is the non-invasive necklift, a skin tightening rejuvenation procedure without the cost and recovery time of more intensive treatments.

The truth is there has really never been a better time to age. Modern technology makes it possible for aesthetic procedures to range from non-invasive to simple surgical solutions that come with minimal downtime. Whoever said youth is wasted on the young hasn’t looked into the anti-aging market recently. Mark Twain had it right. Aging is all about mind over matter. You’re young at heart, you feel young in spirit and now you can match your mindset with a more youthful appearance.

Danielle believes that proper lifelong care of skin starting at an early age is one of the best ways to prevent aging. She moisturizes daily with Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream. By The Body Shop.

Breast Oasis – Plastic Surgery – Program Ends On November 2nd

This post is genuinely dear to my heart. As many of my readers are aware that my mother passed from breast cancer.

This is October and of course, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 🙂

I wanted to do a special post specifically about The Breast Oasis program. This program is known for their donation of new and gently used bras for women in need. Actually, they are donated by the plastic surgeons themselves and communities. I happen to think this is quite generous on their part!

Each donated bra comes with a self-breast exam card…how cool is that! These free cards help encourage women to schedule yearly mammograms and also do self exams.

This program is introduced by Breast Oasis and About Plastic

Surgeons Give Support will run through Breast Cancer Awareness month and end Friday, November 2nd.

Won’t you please help spread the word about Surgeons Give Support program?!


Tips For Cleaning Kitchen Cupboards

It is a good idea to clean out the kitchen cupboards after you’ve moved into a place (or right before you move out) and before putting the dishes in. This way you can be sure that you’re not inheriting any of the previous owner’s old and forgotten belongings or any dust and dirt. Even if you’ve lived in a place for quite a long time, a periodical cupboard cleanout never hurt anyone.

Do the clean one cupboard at a time. Open each one, finish everything you have to do with it, and then open the next one. Do not try to take everything out at once and clean all of the cupboards in a single go as this will make everything unnecessarily complicated. When you’re dealing with each cupboard, take everything out of it. Then, wash each cup, dish, pan, utensil and leave everything to dry on a towel on the kitchen counter or table.



While all of the dishes are drying, take care of the cupboards themselves. Usually, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will do. Occasionally, though you may find mold, mildew or spider webs in your cupboards. This isn’t a testament to your house-keeping skills, these things do tend to happen in old homes and even new ones if there is too much moisture.

If you do find a spider web or two, grab the vacuum cleaner and simply vacuum out the offender, then proceed as normal.

If there is, indeed a problem with mold or mildew, you will need to get a mold killer. These products are sold in most supermarkets and hardware stores. You will need to spray the patch of mold and wait for a few hours (or however long the instructions on the bottle say) then wipe away the mold and clean the cupboard as usual. Be aware that if you use a mold and mildew remover, you should not put back the dishes or utensils immediately. You will have to leave the cupboard open and let it air out overnight, or until the chloride smell disappears. Afterwards, you can proceed as normal.

If, by any chance, your cupboards have glass doors, you can usually use a good all-purpose cleaner and a micro fiber cloth to wipe off any dust or stains from these. If there are any grease stains, you may need to use a more concentrated dose of all-purpose cleaner. There are also specific detergents on the market, which are designed to deal with grease stains. These can, however, be toxic and are therefore not a good alternative.

Something else you could throw at the problem is a bit of simple dishwashing liquid. Simply get a sponge, lather it up and rub at the grease stain. Since dishwashing liquid is designed to deal with exactly this kind of substance, it should work like a charm. Afterwards, simply clean off the foam with a damp cloth and let the cupboard dry and air off with the doors open.

Once you’re finished with the cleaning routine, simply put back the dishes or utensils and repeat for all of the remaining cupboards. Do not put back any items that are still wet, as this can be the cause of mildew or mold. This is a fairly simple cleaning routine. All that is needed is no more than two spare hours a fortnight and your kitchen cupboards will be left clean and spotless.

Nicole is a housewife and a passionate writer. She enjoys writing about House Cleaning and Organizing. You can visit her and read more tips and ideas at

My Daughter-In-Law Just Saved $12.50 Clipping Coupons!





While it may not be no secret about this awesome coupon site Coupons.comJust a reminder post here. I’m sure all Moms and Grandmoms need and want to save money any way they can!

Hey $12.50 may not seem like a lot of money to some, however, it IS to a lot of happy coupon clippers!


I’m not your everyday, typical coupon clipper…Hey but now I will be clipping!!! 🙂


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Happy Clipping! 🙂

Coconut French Toast

This recipe from Weight Watchers, (the WW Points Plus Cookbook) was delicious and so very easy to prepare. And only ( 4 points ) 🙂


Serves 4

1 large egg
1/2 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
2 tablespoon packed light brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
8 small slices whole wheat bread (baguette)
2 tablespoon maple syrup
2 tablespoon sweetened coconut


Whisk together egg, pineapple juice, brown sugar, and cinnamon in large shallow bowl or pie plate. Dip bread into egg mixture, once slice at a time, until evenly soaked.

Spray large nonstick skillet with nonstick spray and set over medium heat. Add soaked bread to skillet, in batches, and cook until browned, about 2 minutes each side.

Transfer French toast to plate. Drizzle evenly with maple syrup and sprinkle evenly with coconut.









































Recipe From Weight Watchers