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Grandparenting Tips…You can follow the best tips out there about being a good grandparent, however, are those the right ones for you? Every child and grandparent is different. We are all unique individuals =)

Always follow your gut instincts. Of course this is true for general parenting as well. However, for grandparents, they have a little more experience, (especially if they’ve raised a big family). A grandparent’s instincts are usually good ones. For me personally with raising just one child, I’ve learned a world of knowledge through my experience. Would I have done things differently? You bet, for a lot of things, I would and some others, I would not.

So Grandmas, lean on your experience and always trust your own gut instincts. For the most part, they usually end up being the right choices.

Listen to your grandchildren. I mean, REALLY listen to them. Spend quality time with your grandkids and take extra special time and listen to their opinions and feelings about life, their self esteem and also how they react to you and what you have to say. And most importantly, respect THEIR feelings.

Respect your children’s wishes regarding discipline. Hey, this is a huge one! I don’t care how much you have to bite your tongue and swallow everything that wants to come out of your mouth when it comes to disciplining your grandchildren.

Have a talk with your kids and always, always respect their wishes about various discipline issues. And spanking happens to be one of those things. Times have sure changed since I’ve raised my child. For most of the new parenting generation, spanking is not a disciplinary choice. There are various alternatives to spanking. You really need to have a heart to heart conversation with your kids, and follow their wishes.

Reach out to other grandparents. This can benefit both you and your grandkids. Joining a grandparent’s group is one way of reaching out to other grandparents that have been through it all. Participate in conversations and take notes. You also may come away from some of the meetings with a new friend or two.

A grandparent’s job is sometimes challenging, just as normal parenting is. There is a learning curve to both parenting and grandparenting. Above are just 4 general grandparenting tips. I’m sure you can find more by following them, and also doing a search on Google.com.

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  1. Very nice blog! Perfect for grandparents!

  2. Thanks for your compliment and also thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the blogsite Tammy. It seems in these terrible days more and more our children and grandchildren need so much more on living a Christlike life. And one of the biggest problems with a many people I have talked to is that their children are not taking our grandchildren to church. So I would be interested in hearing what many have to say about this subject. Both of my children attended church but only one still goes and takes their children. My other child almost seemed to recent and hate going to church. But, to church they went anyway. Now comes my grandchildren. This particular child’s children do not attend church, Sunday School or even church activities. My grandchildren are now teens and I see that there is so much they need. In particular, this week I am feeling a need to talk to them about servitude. They’re both great kids so don’t get me wrong, and my daughter is a great parent however, sometimes I just see where they need that little pinch of what being Christlike is all about. It would help them in solving so many problems and help them to understand why we should help those who can’t help themselves and do it with a cheerful heart and not be so judgemental. Never would I want to overstep my boundaries as a grandparent but I just feel the need to share with them this wonderful story of Christ’s life and how many people he so “lovingly” helped and how we are supposed to follow in his footsteps. And of being forgiving and then letting it go. I’m sure there will be so many more things to come up and just need a little advice or should I say discussion on the subject. Thanks a million…..

  4. Hi there Jean, 🙂

    So sorry for my delay. There have been some health issues in my family and I was in the hospital with a loved one on Christmas day and New Year’s day. 😉 Just swimming with my list of things to get done! I think this would be a great topic. 🙂 You can send me your post to the email address that’s associated with my site. (contact me) Thank you and hope you had awesome holidays! =)

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