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Hippity-hoppety, Easter fun is on its way! What could be more special than sharing Easter traditions with your family on a beautiful spring day? Even the weather doesn’t cooperate, there’s plenty of Easter fun to be had both indoors and out at Grandma’s house.



Attend church services together


Imagine your children, grandchildren, even your siblings and their families meeting at church on Easter morning. Your family, dressed in their Easter finest, gathers filling the rows to enjoy the holiday service. Have the youngest sit with the elders to share familiar Easter hymns, creating memories to last a lifetime.



Special egg hunt


Easter egg hunts are long-standing traditions for most families. Make your family egg hunt extra special by making it personal. Use plastic refillable eggs, selecting one egg for each family member. Get creative and decorate the eggs with paint markers, labeling each clearly with a family member’s name. This becomes their personal egg. Fill each personal egg with a penny for luck plus a piece of wrapped Easter candy. Next, fill several of non-named eggs with treats. The rules for the hunt are simple. Everybody must first search for their name egg. They may not take any egg with another’s name – watch for the mischievous ones who may try to re-hide their sibling’s eggs in impossible places. Once each hunter has found their name egg, they may search and retrieve bonus eggs – the ones without names. You also can a fill a larger egg with treats for an expectant mom as a “baby-to-be” egg.



Egg-cellent washer toss


Putting a holiday spin on familiar games is a great way to create new traditions. The Washer Toss is a traditional game played in many family backyards. It consists of a two targets, usually set in a box with a center target. Players take turns tossing metal washers at the targets trying to earn points. Enlist the help of your teenage grandchildren a couple of weeks before Easter. Two targets can be made out of the cardboard flats canned goods come in at the grocery store. Paint the boxes a solid pastel color such as yellow. On the inside center of the box, paint a large Easter egg. In the center of egg, paint a star for the target. If you don’t have any metal washers at home, you can find them at the local hardware store. You will need six, three for each player. Have your family take turns playing the Egg-cellent Washer Toss on Easter.



Bunny cake


Forget one large bunny-shaped cake. Get creative and put together a bunny made of cupcakes. Cupcakes are perfect for big family get-togethers. You can make various flavors and since they are single servings, cupcakes are easy to grab-and-go while everyone plays games and socializes. To arrange your cupcakes to look like a bunny, draw a simple rabbit shape onto a piece of poster board. This is your template and can be used on the table for arranging the cupcakes. Before frosting the cupcakes, arrange the baked treats onto the template. Now you will know which ones need white frosting for fur and which ones need pink for ears and nose. Whiskers can be formed using chocolate licorice strands. Frost several cupcakes with green icing and add a few jellybeans. This can be set at the base to be the grass the bunny is sitting on.



Clean up


You can even make cleaning up a family tradition. Split up the tasks based on age to get everything taken care of quickly. The youngest kids can help gather the eggs to put away until next year. Older kids can wipe of the tables and counter tops and throw the rags in washers, and parents can take care of the dishes. Everyone working together not only gets the job done quicker, but it continues the family time even through everyone’s least favorite part of the day!



Danielle, who blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands she uses, cites her favorite grandmotherly tradition as pulling out the special wear-one-time-a-year Easter Sunday outfits for the young’uns, running them through the washers, drying and ironing them, and dressing up the grandchildren for church services. Read her work at eatbreatheblog.com.

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