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When we have several hours or days to spend with our lovely grandkids, we often want to make the most of this bonding time by going on outings to restaurants, theme parks, vacations, and more. Nonetheless, these outings can sometime start to be fairly costly. The great part about spending time with your grandkids is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot (or even any) money in order to have fun. If you are scratching your head, thinking of different ways to keep the kiddos entertained without breaking the bank, here are a few places to start:


Have a picnic at the park.

The best thing about visiting parks is that they are always a great free way to enjoy the nature that we so rarely experience in our urban-dominated world. It’s also fun to prepare a picnic with young children. Get creative about the homemade sandwiches and snacks you bring, and go all out with a checkered blanket and old-fashioned picnic basket (which you can find online or at a local antique store). Don’t forget to bring some stale bread for the ducks! 😉


Look up museums in your area.

Many museums are free to the public, and almost all have at the very least a discount for students and seniors. Check local listings to see new exhibitions opening in museums in your area. Natural science museums are especially fun for young kids, who tend to be interested in dinosaurs and other animals.


Set up a game night.

When I was a young girl, the fondest memories I had spending time with my grandmother was playing various games, like Scrabble, dominoes, cards, Monopoly, and Clue. If you don’t feel like have an afternoon or evening out, board and card games are a great way to keep the little ones entertained for several hours doing something that involves both brain power and personal interaction.


Work on an art or other creative project together.

Even if you aren’t a particularly artsy person, consider working on a collaborative project with your grandkids, like 1000+ piece puzzles or Lego sets. Anything that involves time and creativity, even cooking, can be an interesting, exciting, and frugal way of spending quality time with the grandkids.


Of course, this is just short list of ideas to get you started. The most important thing to remember is that spending quality time with the grandkids means truly engaging with them. And most activities that require emotional engagement don’t require much money at all. Good luck!


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