Purex Crystals Review – A Fresh Outlook On Doing Laundry



Good morning, 🙂



I recently tried the new Purex Crystals. Someone in our local Walmart was talking to me about the crystals when I was in the laundry
aisle. She said it smells fabulous! I was hesitant about trying it because it’s relatively expensive. 😉


The following week, I grabbed it and tried it. It REALLY DOES smell fabulous! However, I just use it on my sheets and towels, due to the high cost. It makes my towels and sheets oooh so soft and leaves a wonderful, clean fresh scent. =)



The directions says to use 1 capful….I throw 2 capfuls in my loads. I love it! —  I like the “fresh spring waters” scent the best =)



The Purex Crystals is safe for all washing machines and also safe for children’s sleepwear.



                                                                                                                 If you haven’t done so check them out!



















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