More Brags!! Christmas Photos and More

Hi there,

Here it is almost February however…Finally! I have photos, a bunch of Christmas ones and more. 🙂

Grandma and Wyatt

Presents Sitting There Ready To Be Opened, and Wyatt Still Messing With The Village! lol

The Stocking And Mom

A Phone!

Helping Grandpa With Video Camera


Grandma’s Laundry

Daughter-In-Law and Wyatt Behind Her Getting Into My Village!

Daddy Playing lol

Toddlers Much Rather Play With Or In Boxes! lol

Don’t Your Dare Touch That Tree!

Getting Tired!


Don’t You Dare Touch That Cord!

I Can See My Son In This Pic!

Just Sitting


My Favorite With Basket Of Toys! 🙂

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  1. Looks like you've had the best Xmas ever, I really enjoyed your family photo's, thanks for sharing them. As a woman that is childless at least I can experience a family scene through your eyes. I'm 48 and met my husband too late in life to have kids and invitro is too expensive for us to try.
    I'm glad I bought my mom (81 yrs) a simple little Tracfone SVC prepaid phone for Xmas so she can phone me every day and it doesn't cost her much ($7/mnth). As I don't have my time filled with gorgeous little babies I at least have my mom I can fuss over, take her shopping once a week and to have her hair done.
    I realize at 48 yrs old that your children are your wealth and if they come to your open arms you are truly rich.

  2. Hi there, 🙂

    Thanks for your comment. It made me think of my Mom, she is no longer with us. Passed from cancer.

    I would give up a lifetime of Christmas just to have 5 minutes with my Mom right now. I miss her so much. Enjoy your (time) with your mom, for it is never guaranteed. 😉

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