Creating Grand Memories Book Review – Something Special For Grandmothers

A Toolbox For Today’s Grandparents!

I had the pleasure of receiving an invitation for doing a review on a very special work book especially made for grandmothers. As a grandmother myself, I’m excited and honored to be considered for doing a review for such an exquisite tool for creating magical, keepsake memories for both grandmas and grandkids.

Memories are the most important and dearest element grandchildren can take with them into their adult lives and beyond. I’m 51, and I can still recall some of my fondest memories. And this well structured workbook conveys a sense of unparalleled bonding and sharing.

Book Written and Published By: Rebecca Yates and Charlotte Barnhart

The authors of this book certainly did their homework! The spiral-bound treasure includes authentic and creative tips, stories, cooking tips, recipes, bath time tips, communication tips, and lots and lots of space for grandmothers to write their thoughts, notes and ideas down. I love it and am so looking forward to writing and also placing some photos in it.

Pure genius ladies, great job and an awesome idea! 🙂

~~ Basic Outline Of Book ~~

Contents Include…

* What Is It About Grandparents
* Grand Essentials
* Grand Stories
* Grand Cooking
* Grand Baths
* Grand Communication
* Grand Outings
* Grand Memories
* P.S., Be Yourself
* Authors

The following is what I especially liked about the book 😉

A lot of the pages include a box at the bottom. In these boxes are tips, advice and thoughts.

Here is an example:

Why Is Answering Questions Important?

Then it goes on to say how asking and answering questions help develop language, literacy, and vocabulary skills.

I especially like the “Make Your Own Story” section of the book. I also like the empty pages at the end of the book. This lets us Grandmas write anything we want! 🙂

Today’s grandparents DON’T all have white hair. LOL 🙂 Some have blonde, brown, and red. And some even have some fun vibrant highlights blended through. Also most of today’s grandparents are staying fit by actively participating in their grandchildren’s activities and staying healthy by eating right and getting plenty of rest and sleep.

I know I want to be remembered by my grandson and future grandkids as being consistently active in their lives both physically and spiritually, laughing and enjoying life to the fullest. 🙂

Any grandparent would be thrilled to have this fun, heartfelt, and memorable spiral-bound book to record all their favorite memories, photos, and thoughts.

A special toolbox for today’s generation of Grandparents. To all you grandmothers out there…Get one today!

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More Details About The Book @ Facebook and Amazon.

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I want to thank for inviting me to do a review. It was fun and a pleasure! 🙂

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