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It’s becoming more and more commonplace. I hear of grandparents giving up their vacations, me time, and not to mention those (golden years), as some people call it and refers to retirement…all for their grandkids. It’s very sad thinking about how many parents neglect their own children. Or even more staggering; the population of women who get pregnant that are too sick , too young, or not financially fit to properly care for a child.

So yes, more and more grandmothers and grandfathers are stepping up to the plate and taking over for the sake of their grandchildren. Are you among those grandparents? If so, indeed your life has changed tremendously, and in some cases; not for the better. Your health will play a big role on your new responsibilities, as well as your bank account.

So what can you do as a grandparent to make life easier? Below are 4 of the most important things you will want to take into consideration.

Health – The first thing you need to think about is taking good care of yourself. Simple scenario, if you don’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of your grandbabies? Practice good healthy habits. Eat right, get plenty of exercise and try and turn in early at night so you get the rest you need for the following day.

Support – Join a support group so you can share your concerns with others that relate to the same issues as you. This in itself can be a great help when it comes to your spiritual and mental self. A support group can often give you various perspectives on the many issues that surround your new day to day life and parental responsibilities. Also, if you have a loving and supporting spouse that is going to participate in caring and disciplining, that will most definitely be a big plus.

Parenting Class – You may not think this would be required, especially if you’ve raised more than one child. Trust me, a refresher parenting course may be just what you need. Things have changed a great deal in the past 20 to 30 years. When we were expecting our first (and only so far), I attended a class with my daughter-in-law, it was quite the enlightening experience. I could not believe just how very much I learned in that one afternoon.

Religion – God should certainly be the center of our lives, in everything we do. If you believe in God, prayer and fellowship with others in your community will be a tremendous help. Remember, God takes care of those who help themselves. Many think that phrase is in the Bible, however, it is not. It’s a famous quote from Greek mythology. Pray to Your God and teach your grandbabies to pray.

On the financial end of things, you may be able to get some financial aid. I’m sure it will depend on your income and various things. Check the following page for details Here

Above are just 4 things (the most important IMHO) to think about if you decide to take over parenting your grandchildren. It certainly won’t be easy. Take into account the tips above and also take life day by day and don’t worry about tomorrow. Worry only yieilds stress. 😉

Article By Tammy Embrich

Tammy is passionate about her Grandmother status and loves to share photos, advice, Grandparenting Articles and Tips

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  1. Shari Lynne @ says:

    fantastic article Tammy! This is happening so much these days. Very relevant! Take care!


  2. Thanks for your comment Shari. Yes, unfortunately a lot of parents need some major help on parenting! 😉

  3. I babysit for my three grandchildren one or two days a week. Yesterday I had a terrible experience that shook me to the core. While trying to take my one year old and four year old for a walk in a double stroller the whole thing collapsed with baby strapped in front. I got him out and after much crying he seemed fine and had no visible signs or bruising of any kind. After his nap, I noticed that he didn’t want to stand or put weight on his leg. At this point I told my daughter-in-law what had happened and we brought him to er to get x-rays. It turns out he is fine but I can’t expain the toll it has taken on me and now I’m wondering if it’s all too much for me. I didn’t tell my daughter in law right away as I thought he was fine and knew she would make me feel worse about it thatn I already did. She’s very difficult. In hindsight maybe I should have said something right away or called her, I’m not sure.

  4. Hi there Joyce,

    It really helps if you get along with your in laws for sure! I’m so very thankful my DIL and I have a good relationship. We go shopping together and other things. 🙂

    I took care of my grandson (now 2 years old) full time for awhile. Hi is quite a handful, I can only imagine 3 grandkids. lol

    My grandson fell off the bed once and hit his head, but he was fine. That’s the only time I did not tell my DIL. It’s always a good idea to tell your kids and in laws about all the boo boos that take place. 😉

    My DIL is able to stay at home now, and also thinking of starting on another one, and it better be a girl!! lol

    Nah, it would be OK if there is another grandson, as long as they are healthy. Although, Grandma would like to dress the next one up in cute and frilly things! LOL

    Thanks for your post and stopping by. 🙂 How do you have time for reading and commenting on blogs while caring for 3 grandkids?? 😮

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