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Fall and Halloween Activities You Can Do With Your Grandchildren

This article can apply to parents as well of course 😉

The fall season and Halloween offers so many fun things to do with your grandbabies (of all ages). You will have fun doing any of the following below. The idea here is to spend quality time with your little ones, big ones, and all the ones in between.

When your grandchildren grow up, you may not get the chance to spend time with them anymore. Some kids no longer desire to be with Grandma so much after they’ve grown up. And yet, some do. You’re a lucky grandma if your grandchildren are grown and they still want to spend lots of time with you. 😉 Enjoy them!

Fall Activities

* Plant Fall Mums In The Garden

Fall mums have a effortless knack of gracing flower beds with an ambiance of a healthy glow of warm colors of gold, yellow, purple, and reds. Somehow, this floral mixture of warmth around a home boldly states “welcome” and your grand young ones will take pleasure with helping you plant them. And the best part about these delightful gems…they come up year after year IF they’re properly cared for and no harsh frost bites them.

* Apple Picking Time

I remember going to the orchards when I was a little girl. Picking apples was so much fun. I distinctly remember going on a field trip with my class from school. We all got to pick which apples we wanted. And you know what we did when we got back to the school? We candied them. DUH?! lol The field trip was relatively early in the morning so we’d have plenty of time. Do this with your grandkids. They will definitely have fond memories for a life time.

* Rake Leaves

I really can’t remember the last time I raked leaves. It’s been quite awhile! LOL. However, I do remember one of the first times I did this. It was with my dad. 🙂 It was one of the best memories that I have with him. I also remember all the tied black bags. lol Create a memory with your grandson or granddaughter and rake leaves. 🙂 You will also be teaching them a bit about responsibility and work. And hot chocolate will add a nice touch after the leaves are raked. 🙂

Halloween Activities

* Pumpkin Carving

Now of course the first activity that comes to mind is pumpkin carving. Every child deserves the pleasure of the oldest Halloween tradition known to man. The scraping of the seeds, and cleaning the pumpkin out completely to get it ready for what?? Well, a candle of course!

When you carve a pumpkin and place a candle in it, then it’s called a Jack O’Lantern. 😉 Get it? The lantern resembles a form of light. That’s why we place a candle in the pumpkin. Granny figured this part out all on her own. he-he! 😉 Try and be creative with yours Grandma and carve something not so traditional. Look up pumpkin carving online and see what you can find.

You can also choose not to carve and paint instead. 🙂 Or…you can do a little of both. The latter sounds like a winner. 🙂

* Front Yard Decorating

Creativity is key with Halloween yard decor. You can be as scary as you like…depending on the age of your grandchildren of course. A lot of adults really enjoy this activity. In fact, some of them don’t leave any stones unturned and bring music into the spooky scenes. (Get it? R.I.P. stones unturned) lol – I just crack myself up! You can add the skeletons and the whole bit. And Grandma, don’t forget the spiders!😉

* Handmade Costumes

Now I don’t care who you are…this is every Granny’s fantasy; To be able to sew their grandbaby’s Halloween costume! Unless sewing is just isn’t your bag?? 😉 This leaves Grandma in charge to make the costume as creative as possible. Now really…this activity is more Granny’s bag than grandchild. However, it will be an awesome memory, especially if Granny (Boo-Boos) and messes it all up. And shame on you Grandma if you do! 😛

A few pumpkin carving websites below, just in case you really want to get creative 😉 lol

Seriously, I hope you all have an awesome Halloween with your little ones! I’d love it if a few of my guest bloggers would share their experiences. Would be spooktacular cool! 🙂

Above all else…be safe!

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