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I was happy to oblige when Shari emailed me about a review, as she is an inspiration to all women, Mothers and Grandmothers. Shari has overcome many years of painful addiction May her website and testimony be a blessing to all. Thank you Shari for giving me this opportunity! 🙂

Encouragement to Moms AND Grandparents alike!

I’ve enjoyed reading through the pages of Faith Filled Food For Moms and Grandmothers, as it truly inspired me. I’m not sure if any of my readers know this, but I deal with depression every single day of my life. Yes, it’s true! Currently, it may be menopause making it worse. However, I originally inherited some of my Father’s characteristics. He’s faced anxiety and depression for about the last 40 years of his life.

Do I want pity…NO, not at all! I’m trying to tell you how Shari’s website was a blessing and an inspiration to me, as well as it was for many others. It was created with Moms, Grandmothers…and ALL women in mind that currently have broken spirits, loss of loved ones, depression, addictions, or anything else negative in their lives.

I especially enjoyed reading through the Blended Families series, starting with Part 1 🙂

A scripture and an excerpt from that page below:


Hang in there!

“For I know the plans I have for you.”declares the Lord,“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 19:11

None of us would ever choose the heartaches and ups and downs of a blended family and yet I would not change the growth that it has forced me to have. God knows every inch of our hearts. He chose me to be the stepmom to my stepkids just as surely as he chose me to be the mom to my biological kids.


Shari offers some awesome content, inspiration, and life experiences through her website Faith Filled Food For Everything from “health and fitness,” “parenting,” “laughter,” “food,” “women and recovery” and much more.

Shari also shares a page about Earning Extra Cash. Check that out a little later. 🙂


About Shari and a little from her experiences.

Shari Lynne is a happy stay at home mom to 7 children (3 of which are home still). She’s also blessed with 3 wonderful grandchildren, and thrilled to be caring for one of them every day. Life is filled with rewards! 🙂

However, life wasn’t always this joy-filled and happy for Shari. The pain and abuse started early on. Shari let the demons of drugs and alcohol into her life.

Shari began using alchohol and drugs at the tender age of 11. Wow, I can’t even imagine! Fast forward to 25 years old. I admire the courage she had to begin taking the steps to turning her life around. Shari began the healing process. What inspiration!

Through her recovery, she learned that not all pain is bad. Some of that pain she endured was good; it impacted her life in such a way that it impelled her to make a change. It has also molded her into the strong person she is today. 🙂

“But be encouraged because as many tears that were shed, there was greater laughter and joy that came from the freedom of healing! “

Some Excerpts From The Testimony Page


“I began to rebel. I started smoking, drinking and taking drugs when I was 11 years old. I started running away from home.”

“On so many occasions I just wanted to die. I was so dead inside. I had no hope. I continued drinking and taking drugs through out these years. I moved out the day I graduated.”

“Well I have been sober now for 27 years. By the Grace of God.”

“My prayer is that my recovery would give hope to the hopeless”


You can read the full story and testimony Here!

And Remember…

Be All That God Created You to Be No Matter the Season

May Faith Filled Food For Moms be a daily resting place where you find the ”Food”you need to be the best you can be. Let’s encourage one another and build each other up!

Awesome website Shari! 🙂

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  1. Shari Lynne @ says:

    I am so very humbled by your kindness!
    Shari Lynne

  2. Thank you Shari for your comment. 🙂

    Sometimes you just have to stop being so busy in life and just get to know others.

    There are really nice people in this world, although rare for sure!

    And then there are those that are not so nice. Goes without saying, and especially in the world we live in today. Very sad.

    However, you've made my day! 🙂

  3. Shari Lynne @ says:

    And you have made mine!!

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