Quick Lunch – Low Fat Caesar Green Beans and Rice

I’m slowly learning the Weight Watchers Point System 😉

My world revolves around “How many points does this or that have?” LOL

This was a quick lunch I had today…it was actually very tasty. However, I have to watch my fat and sugar intake a little more closely. Instead of “This is a work-in-progress” …This is definitely a “learn-in-progress”

Low Fat Caesar Green Beans and Rice


1 cup whole grain Minute brown rice – It doesn’t have to be the instant type 😉
3/4 cup steamed green beans
1 teaspoon low fat caesar salad dressing
2 tablespoons dried fruit – trail mix


Microwave rice, steam or microwave green beans. I’m learning to use my steamer more. 🙂 Toss together on a plate or bowl, adding the dressing and dried fruit. Salt and pepper to taste.

This recipe set me back 11 points. I’ll make sure I consume less points for dinner today. lol

When adding up points for each meal or snack, some things surprise me as to how many points they have.

What did I say?…I’m learning. 🙂

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