Above all, be true to yourself…….

“Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.”

Author Unknown

Are you completely passionate about what you’re spending today doing? Be honest, because the only person you’re short-changing by kidding yourself is yourself.

I ask that, because for most people the answer is no, it’s a no brainer, 97% of the population admit to disliking their chosen profession, yet why spend your most valuable asset, your time here on earth, pursuing something that doesn’t fill you with passion.

For 8 years I’ve been writing this EZINE almost daily, and I don’t do it for the money or the recognition (although I love hearing stories of how my works impacted lives), I do it because it’s my passion, my purpose and my mission in life to help other people live more fulfilling and success filled lives, and truth be told, it’s what makes me feel most alive.

The question is what makes you feel most alive? Is it what you’re currently spending the majority of your time doing, or is have you allowed yourself to shut out the little voice that cries out hoping you’ll pursue your passion?

This is, as my friend would say, your one and only shot at life, make sure you choose to be one of the 3 percent who love what they do and who feel alive every minute that they’re doing it.

Ask yourself today, ‘What makes me feel most alive, and what am I doing about pursuing it so I feel it as often as possible?’

Reprinted with permission of Alex Prez & Motivation in your Mailbox E-ZINE, for more information, visit www.motivationinyourmailbox.com

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