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Christmas and Grandbaby Photos

Here are the long-awaited grandbaby photos (and more) during our Holiday celebration! 🙂


Our Tree

Me and Grandbaby

My Dad

Before The Celebration Started

Our Table

Son and Daughter-In-Law

Looking At Ernie 🙂

My Family @ My Brother’s House (left to right, my brother, my sister, my dad, me)

Our Dinning Room Set (we didn’t get it until after Christmas)

Natural Alternatives to Antidepressants

By: Aurelia WilliamsCertified Personal Life Coach and one of our Guest Bloggers

I thought the following article would be useful to our readers, and also would be fitting to add to the Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Page 😉

I have found “Evening Primerose Oil” to be helpful to me with bouts of depression, especially going through menopause.


It’s not unusual for people to feel a little down now and again. For some people suffering from depression, antidepressants may not be a favorable remedy. Some may prefer to find more natural alternatives to antidepressants. If you’ve been feeling down more often than usual you’ll want to talk with a doctor before taking any natural or prescription remedies to combat depression. While a doctor may give you a prescription, there are also some natural anti-depressants you can try.

Many people choose natural alternatives to antidepressants because they are believed to have fewer side effects. It is important to speak with your doctor before doing so, however, because some herbs can have an adverse reaction with medicines you’re already taking. Natural remedies can have drug interactions which could be dangerous so please keep that in mind before choosing one of these natural alternatives to antidepressants.

St. John’s Wort has been used as a natural anti-depressant for centuries in European countries. While there are some studies showing St. John’s Wort to be effective in treating depression, other studies claim the herb to be ineffective. Certain prescription drugs may also interact with St. John’s Wort so you’ll want to check with a doctor before taking this herbal remedy.

You may also want to seek the help of a qualified acupuncturist. Acupuncture uses very tiny needles pushed into the skin at specific points in the body. The Chinese use this method of treatment to control symptoms, treat illnesses and improve a person’s overall health. Tiny needles are placed into the skin and it is believed to help treat symptoms of depression including fatigue, appetite changes and insomnia. It will also help improve a person’s mood.

Many people experience bouts of depression as the weather changes and days shorten. This condition, called Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a form of depression which can be treated by light therapy. This is a great natural alternatives to antidepressants and the treatment basically uses a specific type of fluorescent light to approximate a sunny day. The added light allows the body to produce the correct amounts of serotonin and melatonin which are required to boost mood and allow for proper sleep patterns in the winter months.

Getting outdoors in direct natural sunlight for at least 15 to 45 minutes a day without sunscreen can also improve a person’s mood and help combat depression. The sun helps the body replenish its level of vitamin D which is necessary to increase the serotonin levels in the brain. Of course, if you can’t get outdoors or use special lighting, you can also use a vitamin D supplement.

Don’t forget that what you eat may affect you depression symptoms. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are believed to improve the anti-depressive ability of other treatments. Other foods which are believed to affect depression are walnuts, dark chocolate, turkey, Cheddar and Swiss cheese, spinach, whole wheat and citrus fruits. You may also want to change to a natural sweetener such as agave nectar or maple syrup.

Meditation is another natural alternatives to antidepressants to consider. There have been a number of medical studies related to meditation and its effect on one’s health. Meditation is believed to help you feel more at peace and release negative thoughts which can plague those with depression.

Many people suffer from depression throughout the year. Not everyone wants to take prescription medications because there are so many side effects.

You may want to research the above options. These may be the natural anti-depressant you’re looking for to treat your own symptoms of depression.
Using one or many of the above natural alternatives to antidepressants can help you to feel better both physically and mentally. Be sure to consult your physician if your depression symptoms linger.

Think you can’t do much in 20 minutes? Schedule a free 20 minute coaching consultation , with certified Personal Life Coach Aurelia Williams and start forming your plan of action today!

Suggestions For Disciplining Your Child

Disciplining your child is one of the hardest parts of being a parent. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what’s right and wrong with your child and that makes discipline even more difficult.

Most times you know when they’ve made the wrong decision, but you may not know what is right when it comes to disciplining your child. There are several things you can do, but how do you know if the discipline is enough for them to remember it if they decide to do that again? That question is one that doesn’t have a right or wrong answer to so the best thing you can do is decide for yourself.

Of course, you can ground your child from the TV, the X-box, or from having a friend stay the night, but is that enough? Then you have to decide how long the grounding will last. Should it be two weeks, a month, or more? That’s also a hard decision to make.

One way to decide is to try something and increase or change it if they decide to do it again. While that can be frustrating it may be the way to go. You’ll need to remember what the discipline is for that action so you know what’s next if it’s not enough. Writing it down in a notebook may be a good idea.

Another option is to talk to a friend or family member you can trust and run things by one another. This person may have been in your situation and may know what worked for them and you could give it a try. Now this won’t work if you have to make a quick decision or if your friend or family member is not available, but it may work if you have time to make a decision. You also need to communicate with your spouse when it comes to disciplining your child.

Disciplining your child can be difficult whether you do this on a regular basis or if it happens on a rare occasion. It’s still something you need to be prepared to do and you need to know what your decision will be each time.

Tammy is an Internet marketer, article marketer, and ghostwriter. You can find more parenting and grandparenting articles, tips, and more at Grandparenting Articles and Tips

Tammy also offers work at home articles, free job leads, work at home tips, recipes, and more at Work At Home Jobs

Helping Your Child With Homework – A Few Helpful Tips

As a child, how many times did you need help with your homework? Of course it was enough according to your parents, but how much is too much when it comes to helping your child with homework?

That’s a question you must ask yourself. You also need to consider the reasons for the questions. Is it possible the reason is because they aren’t paying attention in class or could it be because they truly don’t understand the homework? You need to consider this before helping your child with homework.

The best way to make this decision is to communicate with your child. Ask them why they need your help. Ask them if they were paying attention in class or if they were occupied with something or someone else. Once you have the answer you’ll know if helping them is the way to go.

When you decide to help your child, you need to know what your limits are with the homework. Giving them the answer is not the way, because they won’t learn how to find it themselves. Instead, you need to come up with the answer yourself and help them and guide them to the answer. You need to make them get it on their own through your guidance and explanations.

The other thing you need to do is show them the internet is not the way to go. So many times a question can be searched through Google and the answer can easily be found. This means they’ll come up with the answer, but they won’t have a clue how to come up with it on their own.

Most children don’t agree with homework and they struggle to do it because they don’t see the need for it in the future. When they don’t understand it, things are even worse yet. Helping your child with homework is good, only if you do it the right way.

Tammy is an Internet marketer, article marketer, and ghostwriter. You can find more parenting and grandparenting articles, tips, and more at Grandparenting Articles and Tips

Tammy also offers work at home articles, free job leads, work at home tips, recipes, and more at Work At Home Jobs

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A Grandmother’s Business Goals For The New Year

Ahh…a Brand New Year!

This Grandmother is looking ahead to the new year with new learning curves and motivation! This is a time to look back at both my successes and mistakes and diligently learn from them…and keep learning. You know what they say, you learn something new every day!

For 2011, I’d like to press forward with my business and lean on my experience with an open mind and see what can be accomplished in the near future. I know that setting realistic business goals for myself is so very important. 😉

Here are just a few highlights I’ll be thinking about for the new year…

* More consistent fresh content for my websites and blogs
* New networking strategies
* An eBook may be on the horizon
* A fresh look at my organization skills
* More awareness of my deadlines and daily commitments
* And hopefully, be more consistent with more articles for the new year

I’ve learned so very much this past year both personally (especially with being a grandmother) and professionally. I’m excited with anticipation of what “2011” will bring!

Hoping the “New Year” will bring good health, lots and lots of happiness, peace, and prosperity for you all as well. 🙂