Showing grand-kids the meaning of Giving this Holiday Season

This article was written by a friend of mine, Karlyn @ Another Baby Boomer. I thought it was a good fit for my blog…Excellent read, and just right for the holiday season!

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Christmas makes the grand-kids wide-eyed, with thoughts of a ton of presents under the Christmas tree. Some even like to count the amount of presents they receive. This holiday season, teach your grand-kids the true meaning of Christmas — giving to others.

Give to Others – One simple way to teach your grandchildren the value of giving is to have them donate to a local shelter. Have your grandchildren go through their toys and clothes ahead of time. Have them find at least one really nice toy that they don’t really need or play with. Place an emphasis on the fact that there are many children who have no home or parents. Then make time before the holiday to take your grandchild(ren) to the local shelter to donate.

Another way your grandchildren can learn about the gift of giving is to donate canned goods to a local food drive service. These services provide food to families in need. The holidays are often a difficult time for those in need. Take your grandchild(ren) to the grocery store and have them choose a nice variety of canned foods to donate.

One more way your grandchild(ren) can learn a lesson in giving is to buy gifts for others. Choose a needy family in your church or community. If you don’t know of anyone in need, ask around. Officials at your city’s municipal building, or local pastors will be able to make recommendations to you.

Take your grandchild(ren) shopping and help them pick out age-appropriate toys and gifts. Let them wrap the gifts, too. Finally, drive to your “adopted” family’s home and let your kids hand out their gifts. You can also give a gift to a local gift drive for children in need, most of these will advertise in stores and the local community during the holidays.

This focus on the giving, instead of the receiving, is rewarding to all and will create wonderful new memories for your grandkids. Happy Holidays to you! Stop by and visit Karlyn’s blog Here.

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