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New Photos – He’s Growing So Fast!

Hi everyone,

I think by the time I start caring for my grandson full time, he’ll be crawling! LOL 🙂 He weighs just over 11 pounds now.

I thought it was time for new photos.

He loves laying on this old pillow at his home.

This is in our home for the first time 🙂

With Great Grandma 🙂

And Mommy 🙂

I love him so much! I miss him when I’m away from him. I’ve begged my DIL to let me keep him over one night. She says, “I’m not ready yet” lol

Isn’t he just adorable? 😀 😀

"Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act."

“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.”
George W. Crane

It’s like the age-old question, what came first, the chicken or the egg, because for a lot of people, they have a belief that they must first achieve success in order to feel successful, yet ask any achiever and you’ll quickly find out it was the other way around, the first they began thinking like a successful individual thinks and then the success and achievement followed.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful thing, put a vibration out there that you’re thinking, acting and doing like a successful person, and you’ll find yourself attracting circumstances, people and opportunities that will open doors you never knew existed and lift you up to achieve great things with your life.

Don’t spend your life waiting for success before you think, do and act like a successful individual, start thinking, doing and acting today and you’ll start attracting what you need into your life to achieve your deepest dreams.

Ask yourself today, ‘Do I think and act like those successful individuals I admire and look up too? If not, what can I do today to change that?’

Have an Outstanding Day!
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Featured Grandmother & Interview- Darlene Demell

I have featured Darlene as the first “Featured Grandmother” along with her interview simply because I like what she has to offer my blog. 🙂 I love her “motivations” posts that she offers along with her recipes, and also her various posts throughout the site. And not to mention her comments.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all my guest authors, but we have to start somewhere with the “Featured Grandmother” and “Featured Interview.”

My other bloggers will get their spot light of course. 🙂

Interview With Darlene

Tammy: How many children do you have?

Darlene: I have three sons, Kevin, Chad and CJ.

Tammy: How many grandchildren do you have?

Darlene: I have 6 grandsons and one grandaughter.

Tammy: Why did you decide to work from home?

Darlene: My best friend had been after me for years to get into Watkins and I kept saying no I didn’t want another business. I was already with one for over 20 years then and wasn’t interested in another one. Then one day I saw her bonus check and seeing I grew up on the products and Watkins had so much more to offer now, I talked it over with hubby and we decided to go with it. That was 10 years ago and I am still with Watkins.

Tammy: What kind of online business do you operate?

Darlene: I am a Watkins Associate and work my business online and offline.

Tammy: Describe your experience with being a grandmother.

Darlene: Being a grandmother is the most rewarding gift a woman can have next to being a mother. The grandchildren keep me young, they put smiles on my face every single day and they make me laugh. I get on the floor with the 3 and 2 year olds and wrestle around and they love it when they think they are getting the best of me. (Sometimes they do too). lol

My grandaughter loves to comb my hair all the time and she is a real
little lady. Our older grandchildren are huge helps to us. One comes and
cuts our grass, helps hubby with whatever and is very good to us. He just
turned 15. All of our grandchildren make me happy and very proud

Tammy: What advice can you give to new grandmothers?

Darlene: Well I can tell new grandmothers to remember that you raised your family and now its time for your children to raise theirs. Everyone does things differently so if your children raise their family a little differently than how they were raised, don’t say a word. Unless its totally wrong, but otherwise, keep your distance. Its okay to offer advice but don’t be hurt is its not taken.

Also, enjoy every minute with your grandchildren while you can and grab all the hugs and kisses you can because it won’t be long and they will be “too old” for hugs and kisses. You blink your eyes and they grow up so enjoy them now. I have started keeping a diary of all the funny things my grandchildren say and when they are older I will give each one their own
litte book of memories.

Little More About Darlene: – About me, I don’t like to cook but love to bake. I don’t like heights, have never seen the ocean but would love to one day. I love to knit and crochet and do other crafts. I love meeting people, don’t like to party much, I am more a home body. I love my computer and all my friends who are in it. 🙂

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Thank you Tammy.

You are most welcome Darlene, and thank you very much for sharing a little bit of yourself with me, our readers, and fellow bloggers. I so appreciate all that you offer and bring to Grandma’s Home Blogger Place. Also looking forward to your future posts and experiences. 🙂

I just wanted to point out something here that only Darlene and I have in common…and that is our fondness of Elvis. You said you’ve never been to Graceland? Hmmm…maybe we can meet up sometime in Memphis and go through it together! Would be a blast! 😀

Thank you again Darlene!