"A great attitude is not the result of success; success is the result of a great attitude."

“A great attitude is not the result of success; success is the result of a great attitude.”
Earl Nightingale

What does your attitude say about the person you are and the vision you have for your future?

Too often we allow outside circumstances to impact on our attitude and in the process drift slowly off course from the direction we desire for our life.

You never know who’s watching you and who holds the key to a door you desire to have opened in your life, so it pays to always give your all and maintain a positive attitude irrespective of whatever else you’re facing at the time.

For every dream you have in life, someone, somewhere out there has the ability to fast track your way towards its achievement, the trick is, you never know when the universe is going to inconspicuously bring that person into your world, you’d just hate to find out after the fact that you lost the opportunity they could have given you because you were having an attitude attack that day.

Ask yourself today, ‘How great a company or family would I have if everyone in it had the same attitude as I brought to the table this morning?’

Have an Outstanding Day!
Reprinted with permission of Alex Prez & Motivation in your Mailbox E-ZINE, www.motivationinyourmailbox.com


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  1. Hey Darlene,

    What an awesome reminder that we need to always try and have a good attitude in everything we do.

    Thank you! 🙂

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