6 Fitness and Weight Loss Tips For Healthy Grandmothers

Who says since you are a grandmother that you are old and you should slow down? Now if you are 75+ years of age and you have a set of health issues, then of course yes, you should limit your activities and take it easy.

However if you are in your 50’s or 60’s (the normal age when most people become grandparents), and if you don’t have health issues that limit you from certain daily activities, you should challenge yourself to being fit and hip with the best of them.

Tip #1 The first and most important tip is to start on a health fitness program way BEFORE you become a grandmother. If you’ve engaged in daily exercise and healthy eating habits from an early age, then being a grandparent should be a pleasant experience for you. Therefore, you should have no problem keeping up with your grandchildren and participating in various activities. Planning ahead and looking forward to being with them should give you the incentive to being as healthy as possible.

Tip #2 After becoming a grandparent, if your health and fitness habits have been sluggish, It’s NOT too late to change that. It’s never too late to practice healthy eating habits. It’s also a good time to start on a walking program. Of course it’s advised to consult with your doctor first before beginning any exercise or walking routines.

Tip #3 Making small bite-sized weight loss and fitness goals is the right choice for anyone that is trying to lose a few pounds or even to just become healthier. If you attempt making huge impossible goals, it is more than likely that you will not succeed with these. Rome was not built in a day come on, let’s get reasonable! When setting personal health goals for yourself, make them in small increments. You are more likely to achieve small goals and also you have less of a chance for set backs.

Tip #4 If you are a grandmother and you are trying very hard to lose weight, you really do need to be careful on how fast you lose it. Dehydration can be a big issue with the elderly while losing weight as well. It’s best to lose and also add any new activities slowly.

Tip #5 Staying as active as you can will most definitely have an impact on your memory when you are older. Couch potato Grandmothers have much more of a chance of having alzheimer’s than ones that are fit and active. The more active you are, the better your blood and oxygen travels to your brain. So, above all else, try your best to stay active. This is of course true for ANYONE, but it goes double for the elderly.

Tip #6 Lastly, but certainly not least, you need to consult your physician BEFORE beginning any weight loss or exercise programs. Especially if you take medication, you could very well do your body more harm than good. It’s always best to be safe and check with your doctor.

I can’t think of a better reason to get and stay healthy, than for your grandchildren. Of course you want to be an active participant in their lives. The more healthier you are, the better chances there are for that to happen.

Article Written By Tammy Embrich

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