Preparing For Grandbaby

Hi there,

I’ve been quite busy these days. =) Do I know if I’m coming or going? Yes however, barely. lol

I keep telling hubby that we need to get the cradle up from the basement so I can clean it up and get it ready. He says, “You have plenty of time!” 😮

I tell him, “Hello, I don’t think so! Have you looked closely at our DIL lately?”

I bet him $100 that she’ll deliver early. (She’s due July 13th)

I’ve been busy trying to get a few things online accomplished like, letting go of 3 of my blogs. I’m hoping that will be a sufficient enough downsizing so I’ll be able to get my other work done after I start caring for our new grandson.

I know our lives will change considerably! 😀

This is the cradle that I was referring to. My Dad made it for me when I had my son. 🙂It has a music box attached to the bottom of the cradle part. 🙂

I took a pic of it, yes, it’s still down in our basement. I’ll get it up here one way or another. lol

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  1. Darlene Independent Watkins Associate ID# 320480 says:

    I hope you win that bet Tammy. 🙂

    I love the cradle. What song(s) does the music box play? That would be so nice to have your grandson laying in the same cradle your own son was in. Wonderful.


  2. Hey Darlene,

    It plays Rock-a-Bye Baby. I had to actually listen to it to see what song it played. It's been way too long since I've listened to it.

    Actually, it brought tears to my eyes, as Dad don't even remember making it for me due to his ECT treatments. 🙁

    The only thing with the cradle…we may have to put a lock on it, it swings easily and plus we will have to watch out cat with it. 😉

    Thanks for your reply

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