More News and Photos Of The Triplets

Hi there, This week has flown by fast 😉

I have lots of new photos of the triplets. They are precious…and growing, growing! 😮

Follow Up From: Not Just Grandma but Great Aunt Too =)

My brother had his first “Grandpa Friday” day at caring for the “precious cargo” 😉

He said he did pretty good. Needless to say the stress was running at full speed when ALL 3 were crying at the same time. LOL!

There has been a call-in-sick-day already with one of the helpers 🙁 Other than that, all are doing as well as can be expected. 🙂

Enjoy the photos 🙂


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  1. Darlene Independent Watkins Associate ID# 320480 says:

    Awww, they are adorable Tammy.


  2. I agree. 😀

    I think the picture of the boy baby in the orange is funny!

    It looks like he's maybe trying to make a deal with someone, saying, "come on, make me a deal, what do you got?" LOL!

    Thanks Darlene. 😀

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