Ultra Sound – So Precious

I’m so excited! Grandma gets to go to the next ultrasound with her Son and DIL. =)

I just found out the date of the baby shower…I better get a move on with the afghan! 😮

It’s amazing how much technology has changed since I had my son.

My Grandson below (last month) 😀

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  1. ICAN NOT wait until this next ultra sound!!!!

    I'm so very excited about going to the next appointment. It's a week or two I think. 😀

    I'll be sharing.

  2. Darlene Independent Watkins Associate ID# 320480 says:

    When I was pregnant for my three boys, they never had pictures that we could have of the ultrasound. I really wish they would have. I have copies of my grandchildrens but not my own sons.
    Its amazing what they can do today.

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