Got to thinking…..

You know I got to thinking about something yesterday and I want to put this into action soon.

We were babysitting the two kidlets for a few hours and its amazing the things kids will come out with. Ava was putting on her shoes and got frustrated because one didn’t feel right. I told her it was the wrong foot. She said no it wasn’t and I said yes it was. So what did she do? She sat on the floor and gave me that frown she has and said, ” You are driving me nuts”.
I had to laugh she was so serious.

My grandson was sitting with hubby and hubby said maybe he and Aiden should go for a little drive. Aiden said, “We can’t go grandpa, we don’t have a vehicle.” I said to hubby, he didn’t say car or truck, he said vehicle. It goes to show how mature kids are today and how if you talk to them in a grown up way, they learn so quick. We never talked the baby talk to our 3 sons and now my kids are doing the same with their own kids.

So with the things they have been saying lately, it got me to thinking. I would like to start writing down all these little things they say, with their age and date and keep them all in a book for when they get older. I think it would be great for them to have something to look back on about their childhood and see things they said or read about things they did that were funny.

I just wish I had thought of this when they first started talking. It would make for some interesting reading.
I think I am going to start one anyhow. Never too late.

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  1. Hey Darlene,

    Thank you for your post…and also for the idea! I'm going to be doing this. I may even make a scrapbook out of it. 🙂

    Very nice post, thank you again. I appreciate your contributions more than you know. =)

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