First Time Grandmother Butterflies

Yes, I have them! Even though I have a 25 year old grown son and have tons of babysitting experience, I’m still a little apprehensive. And I know in my own mind and heart, that once I hold my grandson in my arms for the first time, all those fears will flee.

Just as a mother’s instincts start to form, so do a grandmother’s instincts. So, why am I writing this blog entry??

Good Question! 😉

Well writing is therapeutic, even for Grandmas. :p Also just maybe…other Grandmothers will shed some light on my apprehension?? Is it normal to be nervous as a first time Grandma? Please tell me YES! lol

You all better tell me yes………………! 😮

We have about 3 months to go and our little guy will be here! 😀 I think I’m approaching a crocheting weekend. I will do nothing else but crochet. I have to get this project complete and out of the way!

I also have ordered the crib that my son and DIL specifically wants. It will be here in about a week, but guess what???

I’m going to make my DIL wait until the shower..SNICKER – SNICKER – SNICKER! LOL :p =)

I’m a mean Ol Granny, aren’t I? Hmm, maybe I ought to rethink this, those butterflies just may bite me in the hindy??? heh?

Truth be told, I literally can’t wait for this little person to get here. 😀

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