Special Ways to say "I’m Pregnant"

My DIL kept telling me she wasn’t feeling well. I kept telling her it was because she was pregnant. She said there was no way she was pregnant. So okay, don’t believe me then.

This had been going on for about a month or so and she had taken the test but it showed negative. On Christmas Eve they were here for dinner and she didn’t eat much. I could see she still wasn’t feeling the best. So I told her to go home and take the test again because this time it was going to be postiive. I just had the feeling. She had the “look” in her face. It all added up to me.

So they went home and we didn’t hear from them. About two hours later we got a phone call. My other son and his wife were here at the time and I just let a yell out of me and started jumping all around and right away everyone laughed and said “Yep, she’s pregnant”. Yes she was.
That was 4 years ago as my grandson is 3 1/2 now.

Well when she got pregnant not long after Aiden was born, I told her again she was pregnant and she said she wouldn’t say no because I could be right. I was right again. lol

I have one more story to tell and its a dandy. Will post another one for you.

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  1. Ahh, a mother's instinct is always right! 😉 lol

    Thanks for your story Darlene. I look forward to reading more from you. 😀

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