Special Ways…. Another story

Now this story is true and its a very good one. My hubby wouldn’t think it was so funny knowing I told everyone this but what the heck. Here we go.

My oldest son is divorced and never had any children of his own. He met the lady who is now my DIL and she ended up getting pregnant. Well neither of us knew about this as they live out of town. So they came up one weekend to visit and my DIL took me aside and showed me the result of the test she had taken. I was overjoyed. She asked me to keep it a secret from hubby, that she wanted to tell him herself.

Well she is a prankster to say the least and of course hubby fell for it hook, line and sinker.
She gave him the test she had taken and told him to take a good look. So what did he do? He put it in his mouth and right away we were yelling for him to take it out. He said why? We told him it was the pregancy results from the test Betty took. He was almost sick. LOL We started to laugh and she felt badly because she didn’t realize that he wouldn’t know what it was. When I got pregnant they never had these test things you can do today so it was something new for him.

Well it was a good laugh and even hubby thought she got him good. It wasn’t intentional on her part but it was a good laugh. I thought that was a great way to tell him he was going to be a grandpa again.

Guess we really have to be careful how we include men in on these little ways of telling us we are becoming grandparents. I know one thing for sure, they won’t catch my hubby on that one again. LOL


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  1. LOL @ Darlene!!! You should have seen my face while reading this.

    Thanks for the good laugh! I sure needed it this morning. LMAO!!

    I'm working on a few new posts myself. 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing this, I appreciate your posts so much! =)

  2. Darlene Independent Watkins Associate ID# 320480 says:

    I can imagine what your face looked like while reading Tammy. So you can imagine what hubby's face looked like when we told him what the thing was and how it was used. LOL
    It was priceless to say the least.


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