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Kindergarteners and loose teeth

Kindergarten is not only a time for learning but also a time socializing. When kids are in the lunch room or on the playground, or even standing in line waiting to go inside, they talk about the things that are important to them. Right now, they seem to be talking about loose teeth, or they are in my grandson’s kindergarten class.

This is a big deal. It ranks right up there with who is celebrating a birthday, or whose mom is having a baby. It’s like a badge they wear that separates them from the rest of the kids in the class.

Counting loose teeth seems to have taken center stage in my grandson’s kindergarten class. It became the activity of choice after Patrick’s class went on a field trip to the dentist’s office. That was a great field trip. It allowed some of the kids who have never seen a dentist the opportunity to learn first hand that dentists are nice people, not ogres. For the other kids, it provided the opportunity for them to share with the dentist the number of teeth the class has lost so far and the number of loose teeth the children in the class have right now.

This is a big deal. Kids who don’t have loose teeth are doing their best to make their teeth loose. Kids who have loose teeth are taking every opportunity to wiggle them to the oohs and ahs of their classmates. The kindergartners who have lost teeth are the heroes of the classroom. The Tooth Fairy movie, staring Dwayne Johnson, may have added to their interest.

For over a month now Patrick has been trying to make his teeth wiggle. This has become almost an obsessive daily ritual as he tries to join the elite group of kindergartners in his class.

Recently, Patrick announced that he has some loose teeth. We were a little skeptical, but we patiently listened as he told us that his loose teeth were on the bottom. He even ate apples at every opportunity to ensure that he was telling the truth.

We tried to explain to Patrick that kids lose teeth when their body tells them it’s time. That not all kindergartners will loose teeth, but he isn’t buying it.

Last week Patrick received confirmation that he is indeed telling the truth. At his six month dental check up he learned that he has four loose teeth on the bottom, not one. When he heard the news, he had to call his mom. He even shared the news with the kids in his class.

Now he wiggles his loose teeth even more than before. He finds every opportunity he can to make them a little looser. He can hardly wait until the day he looses the first tooth. When that happens, he will be shouting the news from the roof tops.

I just hope his mom manages to save the money she’ll need the tooth fairy. I don’t think she takes I O U’s.


Thank You Guest Bloggers

Hi there,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my guest bloggers, Darlene and Cassie for joining me here on this blog.

Your contributions and your friendship mean so much to me. :)It’s a pleasure to visit and see new posts from you both. You both are excellent additions to a fun blog that I started on an impulsive whim! Thank you both so much. =)

See The Resemblance!

Good Morning 😀

Everyone is always saying just how much my son looks like his Grandfather (my dad) =)

My son gets his red/brown hair from my Dad too. My son has a beard (not in this photo though) and it’s red. When my Dad was younger (like in this photo) he had bright red hair. My Grandmother called him Carrot Top. She said she could always spot him in the cotton fields with his red hair!! LOL 😀

My Dad told me the story about how Grandma took him out of school to put him to work picking cotton a time or two. 😉

Happy Birthday Tammy!

Happy Birthday Tammy~ I hope you are enjoying your day.


Special Ways…. Another story

Now this story is true and its a very good one. My hubby wouldn’t think it was so funny knowing I told everyone this but what the heck. Here we go.

My oldest son is divorced and never had any children of his own. He met the lady who is now my DIL and she ended up getting pregnant. Well neither of us knew about this as they live out of town. So they came up one weekend to visit and my DIL took me aside and showed me the result of the test she had taken. I was overjoyed. She asked me to keep it a secret from hubby, that she wanted to tell him herself.

Well she is a prankster to say the least and of course hubby fell for it hook, line and sinker.
She gave him the test she had taken and told him to take a good look. So what did he do? He put it in his mouth and right away we were yelling for him to take it out. He said why? We told him it was the pregancy results from the test Betty took. He was almost sick. LOL We started to laugh and she felt badly because she didn’t realize that he wouldn’t know what it was. When I got pregnant they never had these test things you can do today so it was something new for him.

Well it was a good laugh and even hubby thought she got him good. It wasn’t intentional on her part but it was a good laugh. I thought that was a great way to tell him he was going to be a grandpa again.

Guess we really have to be careful how we include men in on these little ways of telling us we are becoming grandparents. I know one thing for sure, they won’t catch my hubby on that one again. LOL


Special Ways to say "I’m Pregnant"

My DIL kept telling me she wasn’t feeling well. I kept telling her it was because she was pregnant. She said there was no way she was pregnant. So okay, don’t believe me then.

This had been going on for about a month or so and she had taken the test but it showed negative. On Christmas Eve they were here for dinner and she didn’t eat much. I could see she still wasn’t feeling the best. So I told her to go home and take the test again because this time it was going to be postiive. I just had the feeling. She had the “look” in her face. It all added up to me.

So they went home and we didn’t hear from them. About two hours later we got a phone call. My other son and his wife were here at the time and I just let a yell out of me and started jumping all around and right away everyone laughed and said “Yep, she’s pregnant”. Yes she was.
That was 4 years ago as my grandson is 3 1/2 now.

Well when she got pregnant not long after Aiden was born, I told her again she was pregnant and she said she wouldn’t say no because I could be right. I was right again. lol

I have one more story to tell and its a dandy. Will post another one for you.

Rock and Roll Grandma ~~ A Very Special Night



Hi there,


Yes I’m a rock and roll gal!!!

October 31, 2009…that was Halloween! An extraordinary, memorable, special night for me. One of the many memories I will forever treasure in my heart.


READ ON: There are 2 reasons why this night was so special…

Reason #1

That night was the night my Daughter-In-Law went with me to see Rob Thomas at the Fox Theater in St.Louis! We were so close to him. He could see us and we could see him exceptionally well. 😀 My favorite rock and roll star and musician. =)


An exceptional concert indeed! Rob Dressed Up As Michael Jackson And Paid Tribut To Him

Here are a few You Tubes (live experiences and performances from that night) CLICK ON EACH LINK BELOW TO VIEW AND LISTEN.


You can hear my voice whoo whoo’ing throughout the whole concert, as I have the audio of it!


Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Thriller #1

Thriller #2

Real World

This Is How A Heart Breaks

Give Me The Meltdown

Little Wonders ~~~~ One Of My Favorites

Ever The Same ~~~~ One Of My Favorites

Reason #2

This was the night that my Daughter-In-Law told me she was 99% sure she was expecting. =) She didn’t tell me right away, she waited until the middle of the concert during intermission

And I didn’t catch the #1 hint of the night. LOL…We were ordering drinks before the performance started. I had ordered a strawberry daiquiri with whip cream (was so good and it mellowed me out for the concert) and she ordered a pepsi. I DID NOT think anything of it…but I did say, “Why did you not order a drink, we won’t be driving home for about 3 hours?” (she drove)


She replied, “I just don’t want one.” I sure didn’t think about her being PG. :O


There was a lot of vibration, and the music was very loud, and my DIL said (during intermission) “The vibration won’t hurt the baby will it?” LOL :O :O

Well, you can imagine my reaction! After absorbing the shock a bit, I replied to her, “No honey, it won’t hurt the baby.” lol


Wasn’t that a sweet way of telling me?? Aww, yes! =)


Expected Due Date: July 13th.

Jigzone Puzzles: A great site for kids of all ages

I love it when my grandson shares his knowledge with me. It tickles me when he knows something that I don’t. That’s exactly what happened last week when my grandson asked if he could play games on the computer. He’s only five. In the past, playing games meant playing Transformer games or playing games we knew on the PBS Web site. This time it was different.

The game that Patrick wanted to play was putting puzzles together. He has been putting puzzles together in the computer lab at school. He even knew the address for the site he wanted. It’s located at It’s a great site. It provides puzzles for kids of all ages.

Both kids and adults can choose the puzzle they want to work on from an assortment of different themes. They can decide how many pieces they want to work with, and they can even choose the shapes of the puzzle pieces.

Patrick has been putting puzzles together and keeping track of the amount of time it takes him to complete his task. He loves the feeling of accomplishment. I like the fact that this site is educational. I also like the fact that I don’t have to monitor what he is looking at or visit the site before he logs in.

Who knows, you may have to visit the site when the kids aren’t home just so you won’t have to fight them for a turn. Take a minute to visit the site for yourself. If you do, I think you will be as impressed as I am.